Monday, 25 April 2011

Two Decades Old

So it was my Birthday on Saturday, I was very excited because mum had planned a schedule for the whole day and it was a complete surprise.

9am- Cake, Presents and Cards.
This was a little early for me but I was greeted by this...
Mum's homemade carrot cake with cream cheese lemony icing- yummy!

The theme of my presents was cake! I got cookbooks and baking magazines, some silicone 'tins', a biscuit tin and a cupcake stand. These will come in useful for our royal wedding party.

10am- Grandma arrives.
She came armed with more presents and easter goodies.

11am- Breakfast in Audlem Coffee House
I had veggie breakfast and it was delicious and it was nice and sunny outside.

We then drove to Chester and took a trip to the Pandora shop!
I was treated to the bracelet from my Grandma and the heart pearl charm, the cupcake charm from my parents to go with the theme of the day and my boyfriend had already bought me the heart charm from the shop in Aberdeen.

4pm- Afternoon tea at Oddfellows
This was amazing, a quirky little place on the bottom floor of a hotel.
The awesome teacup and teapot chandelier hanging from the ceiling 
The tabletop was a mirror
Delicious Afternoon tea- smoked salmon (my favourite), egg mayo and cheese sandwiches, chocolate and cherry cake, lemon cake and scones with jam and cream. The cups of tea and coffee were Huge!

Just because it was my birthday I had a white chocolate liquor cocktail, tasted like Baileys,
I had an amazing day and would like to thank my Mum, Dad, Grandma and everyone else (including the 40 messages on facebook)!

Yesterday we went for lunch in Nantwich and for a walk along the river and around the lake in the sun.

I couldn't resist biting into his ears before taking the picture, sorry.

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